Woodman's Treehouse

An imaginative, high end, high spec, luxury treehouse apartment located in 200 year old conservation woodland in the romantic and rural setting of the Dorset countryside. Elevated 4.5m off the woodland floor by repurposed telegraph poles, the treehouse is sensitively designed to respect the woodland through extensive use of timber construction for structure, cladding and internal finishes.


Bespoke external cladding systems incorporating locally sourced timber reflect both the function of internal spaces and the external woodland generating a lively, charismatic and unique appearance that responds to the context of the forest. Externally the project comprises a hexagonal core volume that internally transforms into a circular rotunda. This accommodates a central living space that connects ancillary bedroom, bathroom and kitchen spaces which are rectilinear 'plug in' volumes. 


The treehouse provides fully loaded guest accommodation as the next step in Crafty Camping’s longer term business strategy and features external terraces, a spiral staircase, floor to ceiling windows and framed views of the forest. It comes equipped with private sauna, jacuzzi, tree shower, pizza oven, rotating wood burning stove and a slide amongst other custom made features.

The project has received two accolades including the 2017 RIBA Southwest Project of the Year and RIBA Regional Small Project of the Year Awards. It was additionally longlisted for the House of the Year Award and was featured on Grand Designs and George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.